Reviews from satisfied visitors in Henderson, NV

First of all, I wanted to say "THANK YOU" so much for your guidance and performing the Chakra Healing on me. Just a few short days after my Chakra healing, I received a call from another Real Estate Brokerage that scouted me out. Since I've received that call, I have moved to another Real Estate Brokerage that is truly amazing! The level of support and training that I have received has been tremendous and I know that I am heading in the right direction now.
Secondly, my relationship with my wife has improved dramatically, with a few bumps along the road still of course... but most importantly, we are becoming more strong and unified as individuals and as a partner to each other. It's incredible to find how much we truly love each other which I may have been blind to until I was blessed with meeting you Dami! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your kind and gentle spirit!
Lastly, all areas of my life are improving day by day and I owe a big portion to my recent successes to you! I will most certainly be in touch soon and cannot wait for the next healing experience!
Thank you again for all of your guidance and helping find my way through a tough period of my life! I hope you are doing well and I wish you a beautiful and blessed week!
John M.

I found Mystickal Journey (Demi) because of a friend of mine, we started talking and she mention that Demi works with different energies, "spiritual energies". I have been attracted to spiritual energy ever since the age of 14 years old, it always called my attention and I have so much passion and respect for it especially in times of stress, regular daily life. I always felt like there was more of me that I needed to know and finding out about my spiritual journey was the best way.

I got very excited to know she was practicing energy here in Nevada. When I met Demi I felt an emotion inside of me that I couldn't describe, pure, transparent and when she hugs me I felt like crying. Demi has that capacity of filling you up with a good energy, an inside light that gives you peace right away, not too many people can do that. It felt like I was at the right moment with the right person, that was going to help me heal my spiritual side.
Demi and I started talking and she recommended the Ascension Pyramid, I had so many emotions to work through and it was wearing me down, I couldn't focus on anything else.
When I went inside the sacred pyramid she gave me some headphones for the music I needed to hear and asked me to relax. My feet started getting warm and I also started feeling as is my body was going up all the way to my head, it was that moment when I started seeing myself laying down in the pyramid all of my questions were being answered by a higher force of energy, answers I couldn't hear nor see before, like a third eye showing me what's going on with me. It was an incredible blessing! When I got up I felt totally different than when I came into her sacred temple (store). I saw a new me, my face, my eyes had an incredible light around me I felt much lighter, it feels like my clarity is right where it needs to be, more focused and full of positive energy.

Thank you very much for an incredible blissful experience. I will recommend anyone searching for their spiritual journey to come and meet Demi at Mystickal Journey. I will be sending all of my friends to her.

An amazing gifted gentle spirit like Demi is hard to find...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

From the first day I met Demi I was engulfed with her spiritual surroundings, goodness & warmth.
She talked about what she did and what elements she worked with, I was amazed with how much knowledge she had on so many different things in the spiritual world (crystals, tuning forks, singing bowls, Chakra alignment, Healing Pyramid, Blessings & the list goes on & on). I decided to go on the Chakra bed and give it a try, I had never done anything like this before.

While on the Chakra bed I was a bit nervous and tensed I didn't know what to expect. As the music started playing and Demi told me to relax and clear my mind of stress and worry, I began to relax. I had many different emotions and visions while in the session that were so overwhelming and wonderful, it was the most wonder-fullest experience I had ever felt. When I was done with my session I felt so light and worry free, not a care in the world, I knew all would be well I had a positive outlook and was hopeful, I felt a sense of calm & relief.
The experience was amazing, just as the person who performed it.

Thank you for what you do, thank you for who you are, thank you for having me be a part of your life,
you are truly love & light!

I wanted to thank you Mystickal Journey for the other day! I don't feel different within my spirit, but EVERYTHING else was different it's like I became one with the universe. I can breathe better, see clearer and all of my senses are heightened... There is no longer fear. I feel safe in the sense of knowing that I'm ready to walk the path of ENLIGHTENMENT wherever i go now is where I was always meant to go. I won't come without failure, but the thing is, TRIUMPH is my specialty in the worst of the odds, and for once the odds are in my favor. My whole life has prepare me for this moment and I will continue to fight the good fight until the LIGHT is VICTORIOUS!!! We are all light, I've always been more powerful than I've ever known. Now I realize that I don't have to understand the POWER to trust IT!!! Thank You Demi for freeing me.

I have been suffering for a few years with moderate to severe physical health issues , undiagnosed & unresolved. What a beautiful meditative journey I had! Immediately, I felt Archangel Michael had stepped into the meditation space, to my left. I felt he was possibly instructing other Guides or Angels , assigned to different parts of the chakras , to re-align or heal. I felt so happy & thankful. I continued to enjoy the relaxing subtleties while trusting in the divine love of God , while keeping an open mind to receive healing without expectation. The music was beautiful and I was completely relaxed. Near the end, I felt as if the Angels had my whole body lifted up from the table. It felt like a happy light floating sensation that I never wanted it to end. I felt as light and happy as a butterfly in a sunny meadow, is a twinkle of the way I can explain it. I felt joy to be with the Angels. I knew I was not physically floating or dying but I felt that the Angels were showing me a peek of how our soul is alive & conscious and that our soul can feel & heal. Such a happiness with love and an energizing, aware sensation...that is very much alive, in a different way. After my session, I have felt physically 80% to 90% better. I feel more positive, calm & healthier. I am still working on my health but I feel maybe Arch Angel Michael is still with me & pray he is. I had a beautiful Mystickal Journey experience. Thank you God & His loving Angels. Thank you Demi for your beautiful gifts, Angelic frequencies, music, prayer, chakra session & healing Journey.

More to come...