Metatron Pyramid Meditation in Henderson, NV

At Mystickal Journey, you will find a Metatron Pyramid that is used for Soul Therapy Meditation. The Metatron Pyramid is made up of tetrahedrons and is based on the 6-pointed Star of David. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ provided this pyramid for meditation, prayer, and for anyone seeking self-healing. During this process, one can experience a deep connection with their environment while the person and planet experiences healing simultaneously.


Metatron Pyramid Meditation

When you visit us, you can sit on the Metatronic Mat and meditate for one hour while listening to Soul Therapy Music. The mat is made of a magnetic grid that is aligned to the Vesica Pisces. During meditation, you will experience the heavenly blessings intended for humanity and Earth's soulful awakening.

Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy causes an awakening of the Soul and prepares humanity for Earth's redemption and transformation in the future. Soul Therapy connects an individual with the Church of Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery. When the individual makes an offering to the Monastery, it creates an energetic connection between the person and their Monastic Soul Expression. Soul Therapy begins once that connection is made.

Contact Mystickal Journey at (702) 405-8087 for more information about Soul Therapy and the Metatron Pyramid.
Metatron Pyramid — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV