About Demi in Henderson, NV

My name is Damaris (a.k.a. Demi) and I would love to share my spiritual journey with you.
As early as 6 years old, shadow spirits would visit me to let me know that I wasn't alone. These spirits would follow me to make their presence known. As a 16-year-old teenager, I was afraid of being alone. I could hear what the shadow spirits were saying and feel why they were coming to me. It's hard enough to fit in as a "normal" teenager, let alone with all the company I had around me!
My best friend and I went to see the spiritualist in our neighborhood. I've never met her before and yet, before I could even say “hello”, she told me about the spiritual guides and beings (souls that have cross over). I had brought them with me. She said "an army of them". Chilled and shaken, and realizing that I had no control, she told me to come in and sit down. I had so many questions and she had many answers. As my journey unfolded, I realized how right she was and who her spiritual guides were.

My Gifts

I recognize and utilize the gifts I was born with and I am in control today. I celebrate and rejoice in knowledge. I have had many ceremonies and blessings from and with Spiritual Masters, Spiritual Healers, Mediums, Shamans Healers, Santeria (Lukumi), Ifa (Yoruba), Reiki Masters, Buddha, Chi, Prana, Sacred Geometrics, and many more. All of them have helped me hone my ability to see, hear, feel, and smell when "Spirits" are near.

Initiations and Ordinations

I bring over 29 years of research and knowledge. I do not hold judgment and believe that knowledge is POWER!!! With over 48 years of working with my Spiritual guides and Ancestors, I was initiated as a priestess of Obatala/Yemaya of Santeria (Lukumi) in July, 2005. In the following year, July, 2006, I was initiated as a priestess of Ifa (Yoruba). On April, 2007, I entered the Sacred Ceremony of Nana Buuken Society. I was ordained by the Universal Life Church in November, 2016.
I have studied the metaphysical properties of gemstones, herbs, precious metals, chakra balancing, meditation, frequency sounds, colors and affirmations and much more. Through my connection with my Guardian Angels, I decided to create MYSTICKAL JOURNEY LLC for the good of our Universe. Yes, we can create and design our destiny. Anything we want to do starts with a thought and that thought starts with a blessing of our Universal Energy. We are all born to be Victorious.
Demi — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV

Welcome to the "Path of Enlightenment" We are all connected to Universal Energy...