Spiritual Healing and Cleansing in Henderson, NV

Pyramids — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV
Light Therapy — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV
Gemstones — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV
If you are experiencing issues with your mind, body, and soul from an emotional and spiritual perspective, you have come to the right place. Mystickal Journey provides spiritual healing, spiritual cleansing, aura cleansing, and blessings in Henderson, Nevada. Our location has many tools for meditation and relaxation that will bring your body and soul back into proper balance.
At Mystickal Journey, we seek to provide metaphysical, quantum physics aura field energy enhancement via pyramid and other gemstone tool forms that protect from astral influences. The pyramids and gemstones help transform and transmute any energetic negativity or imbalance. This helps heal the energy by creating a sacred space that radiates the energy of a powerful sacred temple bringing more harmony and joyful energy to the individual.

Light Therapy

When you lay on the Crystal Light Bed, your body's energy will be set back into balance with the use of colored light beams through pure quartz crystals.


Different gemstones have different minerals and properties that possess different kinds of energies. When the gemstones touch our bodies in the proper setting, they can bring healing to our minds and bodies in different ways. These gemstones can help release negative energies that relieve stress and stimulate the mind and body.

Spiritual Teachings

At Mystickal Journey, you experience a renewal of mind, body and soul, plus I like to educate you on ways that you can take care of yourself when you are at home or at work.

Contact Mystickal Journey at (702) 405-8087 for more information about our location and how we can help you.
Spiritual Teachings — Spiritual Healing Henderson NV in Henderson,NV